A holistic and multidisciplinary approach toward the goal of improving each client’s quality of life.

Our Vision


Why Choose Us?

Providing You with A+ Assurance for A+ Quality Living"

Quality Case Management, Inc. is an independently licensed case management agency founded in 1999. QCMI supervises Foster Home and Expanded Care Home Operators in the community who render services to nursing home level clients. We have the best record of client-matching.

The management of each client’s care is under the direction of a specific primary care physician. Treatment orders are carried out with the support of experienced, qualified, and caring healthcare professionals. The individualized service plan is reviewed, revised, and updates on an ongoing basis by the case manager. The case manager is either a Registered Nurse or has a Bachelor of Science or Master Degree in Social Work. Our caregivers are Certified Nurse Assistant (CAN) License Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurses (RN). Caregivers are trained to provide care and supervision to clients on a 24-hour basis. A private room for each client is guaranteed with maximum of 3 clients in the home.


is to ensure the optimal functional capability of our clients in a community setting through: Case and Outcome Management Programs, Continuous Quality Improvement Health, Assessment and Monitoring Client’s, Well-being Caregiver Education and Training.

Our Mission